Flavia Zimbardi is a Type designer and Visual Artist from Rio de Janeiro, currently based in New York. From 2005 to 2013 she worked for some of the leading magazines in Brazil receiving recognition by the 9th, 10th & 12th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennials, and serving as editorial design Judge for its latest edition in 2017.
Flavia is a graduate of the Type@Cooper Extended Program at the Cooper Union and was the first Brazilian woman to have a typeface design — her graduation project "Lygia" — awarded by the Type Directors Club. In 2018 Lygia was also selected for the 8th Latin American Typography Biennial - Tipos Latinos with exhibitions around the globe.
Her latest release "Joschmi" is a revival of Joost Schmidt work, reconstructed from an original sketch of just six letterforms, published by Typekit as part of the Adobe Hidden Treasures project and the Bauhaus 100 years celebrations.
Text on this page has been set in Lygia Regular, part of an extended family that is being developed, yet to be released.